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About Us

         Thai food is a premium Asian food. Thai cooking places emphasis on lightly prepared dishes with strong aromatic components.


         The spiciness of Thai Cuisine is well known with its balance of full taste senses in each dish Sweet, Sour, Salty, Spicy, and Bitter. Thai food also requires delicate ingredients and preparation techniques.


         Simply Thai Bistro is owned and management by family of Thai chefs. We are a semi-self-service with the friendly-family styles. We serve authentic Thai food, fresh every dish. The customer can taste the real fresh Thai food in every bites.


​         We want the customer to feel like they were dining at home, while watching the chef prepare our signature dishes. Our concept will focus on delicious and affordable Thai food that is also pleasing to the eye.

         Our family of Thai chef has been serving Thai food in Frisco since 2012. 


          Simply Thai Bistro has two locations in Frisco. In 2012, Simply Thai Bistro started the first location on Main Street.

          Later in Year 2017, the second location was opened on Legacy Drive, both locations have the same concept.



image0 Punnapop.jpeg


Punnapop Mueangmoon

        Born in Phayao, a province in the northern part of Thailand. In 1997, Chef Punnapop started his career in the restaurant industry as a manager and Thai Specialty cooks in many high-class establishments in Thailand.


        He started his restaurant career as the Thai cook at the Fortune Hotel Bangkok, then move on to Arnoma Hotel Bangkok, Bel-Aire Princess Hotel Bangkok and the latest was The Dome at Lebua Hotel Bangkok. Chef Punnapop, also helped managing his family business called Krua Sib Song Panna Resort and Restaurant.

        The restaurant industry has always been Chef Punnapop’s niche, as his goal in life is to make people happy through serving them delicious, gourmet entrees.

In 2012, He decided to move to the United States, to create authentic Thai food for Simply Thai Bistro customer.

image Puttaraksa.jpeg


Puttaraksa Pornsavad

     Born in Ayuthaya, Thailand. She started her cook career at Ramagarden Hotel Bangkok in 2002 and the latest was Arnoma hotel, Bangkok.


    In 2013, Chef Puttaraksa decided to move to the US to join the Simply Thai Culinary team. Beside an authentic Thai cuisine, Chef Puttaraksa has the talent of Fruit and Vegetable Carving.


Also,She won many Professional awards and certificates completion.


-  Bronze Medal “ Food festival”At Queen siriKit National Convention Center Bangkok on Sep 10-13,2003

- The 1St place Runner-up “Fruit and Vegetable Carving “at Fortune Hotel Bangkok Culinary Cup 2009

-  Certificate of Partcipation on September 5,2009

-  Diploma of Honor C1 Classic Thai Cuisine Cooking Contest: Team of 3 (Professional)

-  Certificate of Completion Basic Kitchen Knowledge 2007



Teerapong  Mueangmoon

        Born in Phayao, the Northern of Thailand. Chef Teerapong grew up in the family of restaurant business. His passion for Thai cooking is in his blood. 


       In 2005, Chef Teerapong wanted to venture into more experience in the high class venues . He decided to explore Bangkok, the capital of Thailand.


         He started his career as a cook at President Park Hotel Bangkok and moved on to Novotel Lotus Hotel , the latest was Arnoma Hotel Bangkok.


        Although Chef Teerapong  has the skill and knowledge about Authentic Thai cuisine, he is also skilled in hosting for Banquet and private outside catering service.


         In 2013, He decided to move to The US to be a member of Simply Thai Culinary team. He loves to create Authentic Thai food for your party.



Somruthai  Sapprasom

        Born in Ubol Ratchatanee, a Province in the North-eastern of Thailand.

         Chef Somruthai truly has a talented and high preparation techniques of Thai cuisine.


         Chef Somruthai started her cook career in 2001 at The Royal River Hotel. And moved on to Arnoma Hotel, King Power Suvarnabhumi Hotel , Courtyard by Marriott Bangkok, latest being ST. Regis Bangkok Thailand.


            In 2012 Chef Somruthai was brought up to The US to be a member of Simply Thai's Culinary team.

She wants to use her Thai Specialty cook experience to cook authentic Thai food for Simply Thai Customers.

image0 Anuwat.jpeg

Chef Stories

Chef  Anuwat Karapakdee

           Born in the province of Suphanburi and raised in Ayuthaya, the Old Capital of Thailand. Chef Anuwat is truly a connoisseur of Thai cuisine. He began his culinary career in 1989 at the Ambassador Hotel of Bangkok.

            After receiving promotion shortly, Chef Anuwat realized his natural inclination for cooking and his passion for gourmet cuisine never stopped growing.


          Since year 1989 , Chef Anuwat has provided exceptional dishes to fine dining establishments all across the world. His culinary training extends beyond Thai food including French, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Mexican.


.          Chef Anuwat has worked with many world-renowned chefs in high-class establishments. In early 2004, he trained under the supervision of Chef Jean Bardet in the Loire Valley of France.


           It was here that Chef Anuwat decided to proceed with his career further west, to the United States.


           His first six years in the United States, Chef Anuwat worked as a kitchen chef in Chow Thai Pacific Rim restaurant.


            After that, he expanded his horizons at Seasons 52 restaurant and the Westi​n Hotel of Frisco, Texas. 


image Wateechon.jpeg


  Wateechon Kawincom

        Born in Phetchabun Province, the Northern-central of Thailand. Chef Wateechon has over a decade of practical experience as a Thai Specialty Cook in Canada and Thailand.


         In 2009, He started his cook career at All Seasons Hotel Bangkok, Eastin Grand Hotel, Arnoma Hotel. 


         After been worked in high class hotels in Bangkok, In 2018 Chef Wateechon moved to work in Canada  for four years.  It was there he decided to move forward his work patch to the US to join Simply Thai culinary team in 2022.








  Sumintra Muangmool

        Born in Phayao Province, the northern of Thailand.  In 2012 Chef Sumintra went to pursue her Bachelor Degree in Chiang Mai Province.  It was here her cook career was started, having to work a part-time cook in many restaurants while studying.


      In 2017, She had been worked in our Simply Thai on Main Street for two years.  Then, she had to move back to Thailand and cook for restaurants and hotels in Thailand. For instance, The Bangkok Palace Hotel, and The Parasol Hotel in Chiang Mai. 

       Her talent for Thai Cooking had brought her back to the US again to be the Simply Thai Bistro Culinary team in 2023. 






  Niranrith Saingoen

        Born in Saraburi a Province in central Thailand, northeast of Bangkok.

        Although Chef Niranrith has a bachelor degree in computer engineering and worked as computer officer for a few years, his destiny and his cooking talent never ends.

        In 2011, after major decision to leave behind his career in computer engineering to started his Thai cooking career, he had worked and training with many high class restaurant in Bangkok, Thai Metavalai Restaurant, The Authentic Thai Thonkrueng. 


        Chef Niranrith moved to the  US to be the Simply Thai Bistro Culinary team in 2017.



image Niranuch.jpeg


Niranuch Niyuttakan

        Born in Suphan Buri, located in the central region of Thailand.

        In 2005 Chef Niranuch went to pursue her Bachelor of Art degree in Bangkok. It was there her cook career was started, having to work a part-time while studying. During this time, she had the opportunity to practice Thai cooking and also earn a Certificate of Suan Dusit Thai Culinary School.


      In 2011, She started her Thai cook career as a full time chef in many restaurants in central Thailand, restaurants like The Paw Pao Kung Pao Restaurant., Ruean Sai Nam Restaurant, and JanThara Villa Hotel & Resort.


       In 2017, the second Simply Thai Bistro opened on Legacy, Chef Niranuch saw an opportunity and was brought up to be a member  of Simply Thai Culinary team at the Legacy location.

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